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kids learning about Calculus & Shadows

It's 81 degrees Fahrenheit at 2:34am : that's so wrong.

In other news:

Athena discovered her shadow last week. It was pretty darn cute. I was picking her up from her preschool/daycare & they were out on the playground, so she comes running up to me full speed to hug me like she always does, and then after her hug she looks down and she's looking at her shadow. She moves left, then right and the shadow follows her. Then, she backups, and it doesn't disconnect from her feet, so she got a little freaked and kinda backed up and started lifting her feet, and looked under her feet one at a time while standing, trying to figure out where this dark thing ended, and why it was following her, and she seemed a bit worried and was whining/muttering a bit. So I walked back up next to her and showed her I had one, too - and I waved and the shadow waved and I tried to make light of it and say "it's ok, see?" - "mommie has one too, it's your shadow" -but Athena tried to outwalk it again, and walked into the shadow of the building. Then she relaxed - she was not really keen on having this super dark moving thing attached to her feet (even if mommie seemed to have one too, it still wasn't her preference at that moment). I think the shadow was extra dark due to the bright direct sun, and it was overhead enough that Athena couldn't lift her feet and cause any gap between her feet and the shadow.. so she couldn't seem to "shake it" until she ran into the big shadow, which she didn't discern from the building. It was interesting and rather amazing to see her go through this discovery process.

And Aurora was in a 2nd film ... Calculus The Musical!! ... (the first one was a short for planbproduction which morgantisofkent was in too - but this one on the weekend was directed by gut and was a background film for a Fringe Festival play he's directing (and I think acting in) which is about Calculus. Aurora really wanted to be a number like everyone else, but she was a differential. It was an abstract and there was a cute dog playing the part of 'zero' hee. I highly recommend seeing the play, which starts the first week of August! I'll come back and post times/days later: I'm too sleepy right now.) I tried to explain to her that the guy playing 'infinity' was more of a numerical relationship or condition, like herself, rather then a number: but she still felt he had a better deal since his symbol looked like the number 8 sideways: so it seemed like a number. She still had lots of fun, even though she was a Calculus mathematical relationship playing on a playground & being filmed, which was fun, even if she didn't really understand the storyline & mathematical relationships inherent to the production. *grin*
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