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Karaoke tonight! hee hee.

Hiya - if anyone wants to hang out with me, I'll be doing Karaoke tonight from like 9-12 at "the breakaway" in Robbinsdale: they have two play list books - one is about 5-6 inches and the other is "new songs" they've acquired more recently & is another half-inch - pretty cool variety too. =) Not much country though (heh heh: yay). They have punk, rock, metal - the gambit.

Here's my social dancecard this week:

Special kids dinner @ Gary's Icecream shop *grin*
Soccer - last season game;
Playing Mousetrap with Aurora 'cause she made her "kicking the ball" goal in her soccer game
3 meetings today @ work
Family Fun Night @ kids club (blow up bouncers rented) & Aurora has a tentative playdate with Emmana

I'm going out to Karaoke at 9pm - at the "Break Away" in Robbinsdale: meeting Rachael & 2 of her friends there.

Auroras' going to a LYNX Basketball game today at Kids Club (Professional Womens' BB) That should be cool - I am eager to see how she likes that. =)
Also, I'm going out with the Girls to visit with some friends Wednesday.
Going out to a BBQ at Minnehaha Park to hang out with erikelmshauser ... who's in town from Portland, Oregon for his sister huggiblysoft 's wedding, Yay! Planning to have Carson, Lucas and Madeline over for a late night kids party, maybe sleepover. =)

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