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random daily writing ...

  • I made 5 new user icons today
  • I'm going to go work out for a half-hour or an hour right now (skipped lunch today)
  • I like slow Fridays, sometimes.
  • especially when I'm sleepy from going out every night *grin* It's been a busy week, this week.
  •, I'm off to exercise, maybe I'll post more later, maybe I'll do some more job referrals & work on the -extensive- PMP application form which I've been procrastinating (it wants me to break out my last 2.5 years (min.) to 8 years or whatever I'm up to wanting to cover (prob. will do the minimum unless asked to go further) By the HOURS. Yeah, how many hours spent on Quality Assurance? How many hours on Change Process Management, how many hours on procurement/budgeting/implementation/planning/ etc.. yeah, it's a time-consuming form: I can see it opening up a big teethy mouth and just eating hours of my future like an over sized Jimmy John's sandwich: gulp. *sigh* WEll, feed the machine, I'll jump this hoop, feed the paper monster, and hopefully earn a raise down the line from this .. but for now: Elliptical & abs & arm workout, yeah.

  • Oh: & anyone looking for technology jobs? Heh - post your email address, first & last name, major skills, # of years of experience and a phone number here and I'll see if I can give you an internal referral, okay? We're hiring a ton of positions in computer & web technology & I can do referrals, so just let me know & I'm happy to help.
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