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wow - I've been noticed. huh.

  • So, A Star Tribune reporter noticed my blog somehow, amongst the crowd of blogs & his editor hunted down my phone number & thus.... he called me today while I was on the elliptical working out this afternoon & we chatted for nearly a half hour. He seems cool, & we chatted a long time besides the interview about the topic of blogs & the internet; he didn't know my field of work, but it turns out after I mentioned my career & interest in Net Nutrality as a current bill in the national consideration - well, he's done a handful of articles on net nutrality & he is also very worried about it. He compared it to potentially being like when they allowed for changes to radio control in a bill & then clear channel bought out all those radio stations & made them all the same.... : that ability was prompted by a similar bill which rolled back protections for air-wave nutrality *Sigh* .... _ anyhows: he interviewed me about my blog, why I write, what motivates me, my interests, and he was fascinated by things like posting open invitations to karaoke, the social aspect of invitations on blogs, the idea of community & social networking via a blog and the kinds of personal information, such as events of the week and goals like weight loss or accomplishments kids have being posted to blogs... he was also fascinated by how I explained friends-lists and personal profile pages. Heh. I bet he uses my quote about friends' pages.


    So, I had the time to talk since I was just working out - it was pretty interesting, he said he'd probably use a few of my quotes & the article will be published in a few days. =)

  • I also was recognized by my new boss when I was walking the halls & he waved at me, and asked how it was going... - this is more then it seems because he's quite a bit further up 'the chain' then our previous boss was, & he manages a ton of people so I am a little self-conscious at this point on every single impression I make - I hope I come across as "put together" & "knowledgable" and "able to handle -whatever- is needed for my new job(s)"

    ----- insert kids arrival/popcorn & Robin Hood/me cooking dinner/serving dinner/ok I'm back -----

  • Lost my track there... hm; there was something else I wanted to ramble about, but I've forgotten now .. all the kids are here & I made Mac & Cheese (2 normal boxes, & 1 wheat free) and they're all eating now - but their arrival sidetracked me, and I forgot my train of thought. Heh.

  • Back to the kids now... - no computer time until they are in bed (although they're being amazingly good & really quietly eating their apple slices & mac/cheese) - they're kinda full from butter popcorn they brought over too - hee. Kids are so cute, darnit. I made them pick up all the pieces of popcorn they somehow got all over the living room before dinner - I donno; they whined a bit, but really, they spill it, they pick it up, right?

  • Oh, and I seem to have lost a few more pounds: woot! I am weighing in between 160 & 163 at dif. times of the day - woot. Progress feels good.
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