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today I am boring. heh.

any bets if I'll get it all done? odds are in favor of falling just short of completion, that's the norm, heh. (I think I make my goals too hard .. er, most the time)

  • 2 loads of dishes to do (all those kids were over! heh)
  • 2 loads of laundry to do (that's actually really good for me for a whole week.)
  • 3 items to mail (still - yes, me and the post office don't connect much) 2 left to mail. They wouldn't allow me to reuse a beer bottle box: said "it could be flammable if any of the alcohol spilled on the box" what the heck? talk about a weird thing to worry about. the other box has my mom's rosary in it & since people recommended I bless it at a catholic church before sending, I thought I might try to do that.
  • pick up Emmana for Aurora's afternoon playdate - after the post office is the plan.
  • comeback & Mop. do the 2nd dishes, 2nd laundry (1st ones already started)
  • get a new RMA number for the kids' broken DVD player - I should do that before the PO office, I know, but I don't have enough time to - I can drop it at Byerly's PO anytime up til 10pm , so that's the current plan there.
  • oh, and I have to go to the bank in person to get money, since my accounts are all still screwed to protect against theft I froze them, and effectively I just have blank counter checks (which no one wants to take) for 7-15 days or so.
  • fill out PMP paperwork
  • Wash the olive oil out of my hair (fixes really dry hair, it's an overnight treatment - yeah, just normal olive oil, you rub it on your hands, rub it over your hair & put it up overnight: does miracles to my hair, really.. but I have dry hair) anyhow.
  • handwash some clothes
  • make lunch
  • make dinner

    Back at it, I guess.

    There's a very very ssmallll possibility I'll get to go to the going-away party I was invited to - it really depends on if a friend can have the kiddos over for a sleepover w/his kids, 'cause the neighbors who I watched for last night said it would be too hard prob. for their kids to have 2 sleepovers in a row : heh, so logical they are. the neighbors I watched for last night are awesome & are letting my girls come over at 9pm so I can go to Mike's going away party: woot. Taco bar (like a taco buffet with all the toppings, etc : should be really fun) ... & new friends and Mike is really cool & he really wanted me to make it to his party before he moves to Nebraska with his girlfriend: so yay.

    Wow - so the ball's rolling .. I better run & catch up w/it. *grin*

    EDIT: I'm striking out stuff as I complete it. -mm, nice.- (accomplishments!)

    I am really happy & kinda proud of how much cleaning I have gotten done today!
    However, I did get a Pier 1 catalog in the mail today too; and that sure raises the bar on my mental expectations for a "relaxing room" damn; those rooms are hot & sexy & nice. I mean, is there anyway to get those kinds of rooms in ones house without throwing out all of your personal stuff (junk?) and getting all new matching stuff? I mean, I'm sure there is, however... I'm also certain to get that look one does have to get rid of most pointless/small knickknacks, and as well, have a structural, designed system for storing the little things that one does keep.

    I mean, my floor is littered with kids toys all the time - I need a toy box right? Why not have a classy looking coffee-table that can be the toy box, oh.. well, just expense.

    Why not have matching shelves, and upwards, downwards & spot lighting?
    Why not have some art - just a few pieces not a mess of stuff?
    why not have .. lessee - well, ambiance that is pleasant & nice?
    I think it is within reach, I just have to pick a "theme" and a format of design
    - and stick with it; be cohesive.

    however, I'm not spending any money on this right now; so it'll just sit in a corner of my thinking and mull around for a bit - I would love to have a relaxing, clutter-free home. *sigh*
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