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Water blesses all things
It does not hurt them,
It loves the lowly places that men dislike,
Therefore it comes very near to Tao.

The Master loves to dwell upon the earth.
In his heart he loves Infinity,
In his benevolence he loves giving,
In his words he loves sincerity,
In his government he loves peace,
In his business affairs he loves ability,
In his movements he loves punctuality.

The Master, indeed, does not fight,
Therefore his Inner Life increases.

-Tao Te Ching

I'm sad & tired and stressed out - I tend to clean when I am really upset, and that's what I am doing: cleaning. It's not the same as day-to-day cleaning of stuff as necessary; it's more of the "whole house must be cleaned" energy that makes me tackle bins full of stored papers, recycling and donations, and all of the other "to do's" that don't fall into the normal rotation of the daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule. *sigh*
Tags: cleaning, psychology, relationships, tao
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