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to work, to work, it's off to work I go

wow- so has been down for a few days, citing "database problems" - I wonder who hacked their site so significantly? Well - ok, they also cited power outages, so it could've been that as well: but no clean backups? Are their servers just toasted? Wow - pretty bad for such a big/popular site to be offline for so many days.

Hm; In other news, we're "listing/collecting & debating" our projects "best assets" at the team meeting today in prep. for our presentations to our new boss (1 on 1's planned, but not scheduled yet) - I hope this team meeting goes well, and that the 1 on 1's go even better!) So, that's my focus for today : this work week's planning & work changes. (and filling out that really detailed pmp application - I am working on it, and need to get it completed).

That's what Mondays are: back to the work priorities.

I sure had a lot of fun playing with the kids this weekend though - wow, I let them paint on Sunday and they totally decided to get into it; literally - It looked like I had two little girls ready to ride off on ponies --> they were so covered with war-paint like patterns... Yeah, I took pictures: Not sure I'm ready to share those: hee hee. Wow; those are 2 creative kids. My fault for letting them paint on their feet & make foot prints on the paper: It was all downhill after that. *grin*

Peace & Love,

PS: if my posts are getting too boring to tolerate, I apologize; bit of a mind dump, these journals sometimes: sorry. =) thanks for your patience while my brain is too overwhelmed to be creative. heh.
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