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the Muse concert was amazing.

Rachael & I had SoOoooosOoo much fun at the MUSE concert last night! I was surprised how young they looked, really - they have so many albums out & based on their photos I thought they were much older then they seemed in real life to shed at least 8 years off my expectations.

Everyone was up & dancing in our section, even though we were on the balcony at the State Theatre - during "Time is Running Out" the entire audience sang loudly along with the musicans so that was awesome - I love it when that happens. I think the musicians were really diggin' it too. *grin* - the music was even better live - as it should be, but wow: The vocalist has an AmaZinG voice. Just one of those fall in love & melt into my arms 'cause my voice is so hot- Rrarw. And he is the one who plays piano, as well as guitar - so he switching instruments throughout the show - quite a musician. I wonder if he is the lead composer too (I wouldn't be surprised) - well, either way it was an awesome show and I had a really splendid time dancing for a couple hours to music so loud my whole body was vibrating with the beat & rhythm. I love that part of concerts. It's like you're tactiley "one with the music" when it's vibration and sound is something you can feel all over you/throughout you- it's just an amazing tactile, like being one with the music in that moment.

And the set they played was great too - the audience just went wild on many of the songs and I recognized almost every song played. Yay. I had so much fun.
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