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Whee - Saturdays are for Socializing - bring a friend!!

Poll #780433 Want to RSVP? That would be cool! *grin*

Would you like to come over Saturday? Check as many things as ya like!

yea let's grill - it's too hot to cook.
yeah, cold drinks sound really good.
yeah - love gaming, & would be down for that
Nickle poker sounds fun - sure.
Casual card games for bigger groups: yay!
I'll bring a game I've been wanting to try out.
I might stop by for a couple hours
I will def. be there!
Any of these sound fun.
Doh, I can't make it over to hang out. Sorry.

Saturday: want to come over & hang out with me? Come over after 8:30 for games/gaming/snacks & socializing!!

We could play Puerto Rico, that's sure a blast for a small group!! Also I have access to fun socializng card games good for talking over.... like Guillotine or Bean Trader or even werewolf, or... we also have plenty of nice chips 4 Nickle Poker.

Grill is available for anyone who wants to grill - I have some Chicken & beef if you like, and a couple types of garden burgers... or bring whatever to snack on - potluck style is always fun!

I have 4 bottles of "Barefoot" brand wine 'cause it was on's actually a very good quality wine despite the cute name.. it was just $5/bottle, but it's normally $10/bottle. *smile* I got one of each type.. so there's that if you want a glass of wine & I'm happy to share! I also have a dozen 'blue moon' beers or so... & some misc. light beers that were left here by friends... or bring your own, it's all cool.

Bring a friend or friends! It's great to meet new people & introduce friends to friends - and it makes for a much more interesting & fun gathering to have a few different friends over with their good friends: yay!
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