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Saturday is busy, but my basement is really COLD. *grin*

So tomorrow people are really busy, so there will only be like 2-5 people here, so it's perfect for Settlers of Catan w or wo/knights - or Puerto Rico & drinking wine. If you drink a bit too much, I've got 2 couches & 2 recliners to sleep on. Heh.

Anyhow, turns out some of the folks who come over to visit me are:
  • going to Salsa Dancing lessons from 10pm - 11pm/midnight
  • moving apartments this weekend
  • going to a music concert
  • going out to industrial dancing night
  • working at the game shop until 11pm
  • going to another pre-obligated night event
  • babysitting friends' 2 kids late tomorrow

    But there are a few interested people, and I have wine to drink either way. Hee. The 2 games mentioned above are idea for 3 to 5 people. =) that means if just 2 people come by; we can play! & if 4 people come by we can play! any more & we'll just do something else, but w/the heat I don't expect too many people - and everyone seems to come & go at different times, too.

    If you need other reasons: My basement is really nice & cold. *grin*
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