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ooh ooh ooh, I want these right NOW!

2006 IDEA Awards
“One of the most creative solutions to an everyday problem I've seen in years.”Bronze Student Designs E - rope
CREDIT: Chul Min Kang, Miju Kim and Sung Hun Lim
CLIENT: Pratt Institute

E- rope is a modular power strip that enables users to add or subtract sockets as needed. In addition, to better accommodate large, bulky cords each socket can also be rotated 180 degrees, so adjacent sockets are not blocked. When electrical devices are not in use, simply twist the socket section 90 degrees to disconnect the flow of electricity. (Often referred to as vampire power, approximately 10 percent of a home's electricity is used by appliances in standby mode.)
Data provided by IDSA

I also found this sweet idea on that green architecture site, nice. I hope they get to market, I totally want to eliminate all that vampire power-wasting in my house *(and off my bill, too, thanks!) _ I like it.
Tags: green living, ideas
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