Alli (neugotik) wrote,

sleep - dream

so I went to sleep at around 9:30pm - a record early.

so then Athena decided to get up at 5am. heh. I talked her into my bed, where she kicked me and tossed and turned and crawled all over the pillows for over an hour until finally she couldn't resist getting down to chase the cats, who were hungry for breakfast.

So I'm up - 2.5 hours early - who would've predicted that one. Ah well, sleep is over-rated.

EDIT Heh heh: Athena fell asleep on the way to school: the little rascal. She gets nap time! *sigh* I guess I get a second coffee. So cute though: napping at 8:30am. I've decided maybe the storm/air pressure changes are what woke her so early? Just a guess.

Meanwhile I was having a cool dream when she awoke me originally:

I was staying in Hawaii on this beach cove with gorgeous cliffs and underwater coral reefs and whales right out in the bay; I was diving off these short cliffs and swimming back to this little house I was staying in; a little beach cottage. It was really gorgeous. I was rather lonely though, and I kept going diving in the ocean to feel better; I just wanted to stay in the water.
Tags: dreams

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