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Tongue-Tied and Twisted Just an Earthbound Misfit I.
Karaoke was tons of fun last night; Rachael, Ben (jamminrants), Dan, Mike, the other Mike & I were all there & it was quite fun, but I did more dancing then singing. I have to work on finding songs I feel I can sing. ;)

Then this morning I donated blood: woot. the weird thing? I totally baffled the nurses because My blood clotted so fast that they couldn't draw out of the bag for their tubes they had ; they had to stick me twice for the side-tubes, I guess that's good? They said something about "lots of platelets" at least I hope it's good. Makes me want to research what could cause fast blood clotting. heh. Maybe it was just the nurse being too slow though - she kept fussing because my blood wasn't coming out fast at first - then after I started pumping my hand, it came out so fast it filled the bag in 5 minutes. (shrug)

Anyhow - I guess people might not want to read any more about that. Heh.

PS: There, now it's behind a cut tag, even though it's very few words; sorry I didn't do that right away got dragged off to a team lunch/send off for davedash. Would've put that behind a tag right away if someone hadn't walked up right then.

A couple of people had their 'one on one's' with the new boss: they said they were "casual" "Meet & greets" - with basic talk about skills areas. If only it were that simple. But then I overanalze everything, so perhaps it is that simple.

Lunch made me sleepy. The coffee has not helped. I would like to change the whole structure of how/what/when I eat. I wonder how one would go about doing that. maybe the lack of sleep for the last few days has finally caught up with me.. I want to take PTO & go home and sleep.

I'm very uninspired about work today: that actually doesn't happen very often,... I usually have so much I want to work on & so much I want to get done that I'm constantly busy. Today though, I just feel distracted.
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