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Athena is talking!

So, some of Athena's favorite words are:

"OOooh" (like a ghost sound, made for being impressed)
"Whoa, whoa!" (for when stuff spills or isn't acting like she wants)
"Cooool." with the drawn out "o" or just "cool" (mostly for shiny & light-up stuff, or some dress up stuff)
"Pretty." (mostly for flowery stuff or orange or bright green toys, or real flowers & animals)

She also says these all the time now:

"Hop"/ "hop hop" for squirrels or rabbits
"cup" /or "cupa" for water
"puppy" /or "haa haa haa" (panting w/tongue out) for dogs
"meow" /or "kit-cat" for cats
"go" was for ball, /now it's become "go-ball" or "ball"
"go" was also for cars, /which evolved into "go-car" & "car"
"doll" for dolls
"birdi" for birds
"sniff sniff sniff" (sounds of sniffing through her nose) for any flowers
"yum yum" for food she wants to eat, or just ate & liked
"apple" for any kind of juice, usually used to request some
"cookie" for any sweets - cookies, cake, candy that she sees
"paint" for wanting to paint
"color" for wanting to draw with markers
"look" (usually w/pointing) to show something interesting
"bug" which is for any bug - she says that A LOT. that
"two" for either more then one/ or for "I want that "too" she'll just say "too!"
"bad guy" Aurora taught her this one for when we play video games
"good guy" cause I told Aurora to teach her this one too
"baby" for any kids smaller then her, and baby dolls
"nuk"/"nuk nuk" or just clicking her tongue, for her nukie/pacifier (that's a fav)
"'ank oo" for thank you
"'elk um" for you're welcome
"uh oh!" for dropping something, or spilling stuff
"oohs" for Shoes
"hi" and "hello" for greeting someone
"bye bye" for bye
"up" for 'pick me up in your arms'
"bubble" for bubbles - any kind, in the air or in dishsoap or bath
"alk" means I want to walk - usually when I'm carrying her. =)

there are more... I'll prob. add some later. ;)
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