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Lake Cabin Weekend!! Woot. =)

"If I just lay here, would you lie with me? Would you lie with me... and just forget the world?"

Aurora having some reflective time on her own on the dock - I was watching over her & she was having fun makin ripples & watching them go out over the very smooth morning lake...

cute little smile from Athena...

Aurora in swimsuit - this is while she was fishing - that's most of the weekend: swimming & fishing & swimming & fishing & some picnics. =)

Snuggles!! Notice my grandma's Vasta or "vihta" drying in the background? She's very particular about how she makes these oak-leaf switches "leaf bundles" for the sauna

I love the light in this photo - it's Ten & Aurora coming up from the dock after swimming... discussing some kind of plans for what they were doing with the bucket or fishing or something like that: they were intent on their plans & oblivious to me. =)

Athena exploring the steps down to the dock/lake...

Ten & Aurora swimming - this photo is by Cousin Polly (I was swimming w/the kids)

I'm not walking down these steps until you hold my hand, mom.

Athena admiring my necklace, which Peggy made for me about 10 years ago.

sunshine in my eyes makes me... um, not as tired? not sure.

OMG : it's full of sugar!!

Then she gave the pie to her sister; Athena likes the juice much better.

Does this smile say "mischief" to anyone else? =)

Athena considering something pretty intently while she gazes down on the lake water from the hill above the dock...

Aurora ready to go - she sure looks grown up here.

Athena ready to go "You can't catch me!" All motion & pink hoodie & googles - she was SO EXCITED!

Peggy, my super fit cousin who does triathalons. Her 2 kids also do triatholons, and her 3 year old daughter was the only one in her age group to finish - it was cute to listen to Wren describe it "you swim until you run out of water, then you run, then you get on your bike and bike the rest of the way..." - or something like that - I was napping & so I 'half overheard' this whole conversation. =)

Calm Lake

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