Alli (neugotik) wrote,

BBQ & Lord of the Rings
What could be a better match? *grin*

Elves, Adventure, Talking Trees w/Attitude (go Arbor Day!),
A great film trilogy... & Free FOOD!

Sounds like a party! I hope to see you all at my house tomorrow! 1st movie, 10am, then BBQ Lunch *(Vegan food, too!!) , then Movie 2, then BBQ Dinner (Woot!) Then, movie 3!

Stop in for any or all, or just the food! Come & talk or watch the films: all in their glorious extended versions (which we also haven't seen yet!) Hope to see you tomorrow anytime between 10am and like , late (11ish prob. the last film ends) : Woo hoo!



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