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August is busy.

"There’s no better time than right now
Dont let yourself go, Oo-eh-oo
Watch yourself now, here comes the sound

...You know the music make me jump and prance"

Pete Dillon's been in town from Cali, and we've been having fun visiting w/him - me & the girls took him out to breakfast at 5:30am when he flew in - we actually didn't get to bf until 6:30am but it was sooo early, seems time is less relevant that early. We went to "sunny side up" & sat at the outdoor tables, which are nice, especially with the nice breeze that was blowing that morning.

We went to the Fringe Festival play "Calculus, the musical!" that night; which Aurora plays an integral differential in one of the short films (the first film, actually) & she also was called up onto stage 2 times: once to help in a sing-along with 2 other audience volunteers, and once at the end where Mark & Sadie thanked her & the Gent who played "infinity" who was also in the audience that night- Aurora loved the applause, and being on stage.

Then we stopped by Spyhouse for coffee (me) & a muffin for the girls and then decided we were really hungry, and went to little t's" for dinner- I haven't been there in ages - we had tacos & burritos & drawing on the placemat/table paper 'tablecloth' with crayons... the kids liked that, and the girls had a strawberry sundae, too. Overall a really fun night out. =)

We also had Pete over to our house for watching "Howl's moving castle" and playing some video games (Aurora's favorite right now is still Crystal Chronicles/Final Fantasy). Pete's supposed to come over again tonight for more time with the kids - planning a trip to the playground and some misc. fun : maybe playing "Moose in the house" (card game) & Aurora wants to show Pete what the video game does when a "year" is completed - which will happen after he next battle, so she's hoping to do that, too.. and Aurora talked of making more Chocolate Chip cookies while Pete is over, that shouldn't be too hard to do, as well. ;)

Last night was Pete D's birthday BBQ at a friend of his' house & we went over & hung out for a couple hours; got Pete D a copy of "Bonanza" a fun card game & the kids drew on a card for him... Aurora also picked out a stuffed owl she wanted to give him,it's super soft a "Burrowing Owl" which are pretty darn cute: they burrow underground to avoid the heat of the desert climates they live in... Anyhow: the girls had a great time and we brought lots of yummy goodies too!

Chocolate chip cookies I baked up for the bday bbq last night...

All the party goodies we brought...

The girls after the BBQ, back at home
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