Alli (neugotik) wrote,

oh; and I decorated up the living room, what do you think?

"You're gonna lively up yourself and
Don't be no drag
You lively up yourself, oh
Reggae is another bag
You lively up yourself and don't say no
You're gonna lively up yourself
'Cause I said so
(Hear what you gonna do)
You rock so you rock so
Like you never did before
You dip so, you dip so
Dip thru my door
You come so, you come so,
Oh yeah!
You skank so, you skank so,
Be alive today"

Ang put up the shelves & then I put up all the stuff, the art, the plants, the rug.. came together pretty nicely i think
Tags: books, cats, cleaning, feng shui, my photos, psychology
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