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more words, more seed photos - autumn is coming.

"You might be right
You might be wrong
You might just think your life has gone on for too long

Your knees get weak
And your heart grows cold
And you're tired of doing everything you're told

And nothing can take away from you
What you take and what you've been through

Stand up and be strong..."

Out at the playground last night - the wind came up & it was an autumn wind- cool and soft in the warm air... a cloud cover moved in with it; blue grey and soft like a big blanket in the universe beyond the sky; the wind cooled the air to a perfect playing temperature, and the clouds blanketed out the sunlight until it was truly twilight all around, but no rain fell. Only autumn fell.

Today, the geese were lined up along the highways on the drive into work - munching on rich uncut weeds and flowers, and gathering for their long flight south. It is now autumn.

basket seeds

brown seeds

strange seeds

Travel beckons me too, and mild Oregon weather for me & the girls - family to visit with, to hug, to talk, to remember, to add to our memories, to share with.

I hope this time strengthens my hopes and goals, and does not dilute them. I feel it will. I'm anxious to get to traveling and fun; but my responsibilities reign up like the crest of a wave before the journey, and I must time the wave fall so that I can get the best ride out of this wave. ;) Back to the paddling as this wave crests.

"If you get all depressed
When you get undressed
If your life's a mess
Remember you're blessed
Stand up and be strong."
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