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"she's brand new now to you
wrapped in your papoose
your little Fig Newton"

So... we were chilling in the yard, me & the kids, since I found out the flight leaves at 5:20, not 1:55, we had suddenly this free time to play.. we did chalk drawings of mermaids, and visited the front flowers.. then went out back & visited the garden, found tomatos, carrots, squash - it was fun & exciting; good for the kids to get outside in this perfect weather! ... well that was great:

But it was maybe a bit too exciting, than... as
Athena found a plant I didn't know had snuck in under the fir trees & was a crazy 3 foot tall Burr Monstrosoty. She kindly pulled on it, getting it all over her head & some on my head to point it out to me. GAH,

Look what I did mom!!

She now knows what "Icky" means, as I continued to reiterate while taking out all these burrs from her hair that it was "icky" and a "no no" - *sigh* at least they were very green & soft & I could squish them, and comb them out. -whew-
Tags: garden, kids, kids story, my photos, summer, weekends
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