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Oregon vacation

"Bright; just like the stars above me
Proud; just like my mother planned it
Short on all the things I don't want
I'm full of love and longing...
Take me by the hand and tell me,
You would take me anywhere..."

Horses & riding!The older girls rode horses yesterday - a beautiful white horse named "Bo" & a chestnut horse named "Dan" - they are owned by a gent. my Dad worked with here in Bend, Oregon named Rick & his wife KC; they actually rescue horses & dogs, and rehabilitate them - Bo was such a rescue, but turned out to be so sweet they kept him. Anyhow, the kids (Aurora & Isabel) had a ton of fun getting to ride on full sized horses!!

Concert in the parkThen we all went to an outdoor concert at a park here which was also a whole lot of fun, the grass in that park lawn was unreal- it was so lush, and they had giant tent umbrellas up around the park for shade, and we settled into one of these for our sitting spot, but of course the 3 girls ran around for most of the concert, taking different adults from our group with them on each tour of the park... ;) Actually there was a lot to go look at... there's a fun lake/river area with tons of floating rafts & kayaks there to watch & a path along that as well.. so quite a beautiful park.

CampingToday we're supposed to head out to the mountains for 3 days/2 nights of camping!
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