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Horseback riding photos ~

The girls had a great time riding horses, and Athena was content to just watch. =)

Bo is the white horse & he was rescued - he was a bit lazy & after the first 4 or 5 times around, after that each track around he would stand by the gate refusing to budge for a minute and his owner KC said he wanted his "hay treats" he knew were in the barn.

Dan was the brown horse (really a 'chestnut' color with red hair) & his owner is Rick - he was a larger horse and he wanted to run when he first got saddled up; but KC & Rick took them out for a quick jaunt before letting the girls ride on them, so they could "stretch their legs" before going more slowly for the girls.

After being out in the hot sun we went inside their house for sweetened tea and water - it ws quite nice & their house has an open floor plan with arched entries between rooms instead of doors, which makes it seem quite spacious. The kids were impressed by this spacious feeling inside a house. It was nice that they had premade sweetened tea to share with us.
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