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stuff & bother

Really cool news: these paintings were found -

I've been reading about whole grains vs processed grains - interesting stuff, makes me want to eat better food.

Other Stuff/The trip as it goes: Going to explore lava caves today & a few misc. other things/prob. gettting Aurora's school supplies today since we won't have time before school starts when we get back ... & going to the Desert Museum tomorrow as my Mom wants to get in some volunteer time before she goes up to Alaska next week (my dad is flying up to Alaska today) - & also meeting Brian Nolte tomorrow (a good friend of my little brother's)for brunch - he fell 40 feet while rock climbing early this summer, so his elbow's still mending where he landed & had to have surgery to get it set up; glad he's okay though. We've been really busy here in Oregon- seems like there is so much to do!!

...and the girls covered most the driveway with chalk drawings of the ocean, beaches, mermaids, fishermen and flowers - and we've been trying out techniques for blowing giant bubbles a few mornings (when the humidity is up it helps a lot) - I'll post some photos of that later, as they look pretty cool.

Mom & Aurora baked cookies & Athena helped do cookie cut out shapes - I bakes a Quiche finally (and all on my own) for dinner last night; that was cool. I made an apple pie w/the leftover whole wheat crust I made & a few days ago I baked homemade cookies for their dog Pepper w/bacon & beef, heh: that was fun. Pepper liked that very much! We've also been doing walks - I like it best when we follow the Deschutes River along the canyon by my parents house: the view is so awesome. I even took some sunset photos last night of the view off their porch - may post those eventually too - they're pretty nice. I hear the girls awake upstairs & getting snacks w/Grandma so I better scoot off & get going so we have lots of time at the caves! *grin*

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