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"It's a chance I never took
When she caught me with that look
It's a sin I've never seen
And she tells me how it's been
I'm in deep up to my head
give it all until I'm dead"

Ok; here's one of the sunset photos I took this while vacationing out in the Oregon mountains in August. (Yes, I know some people hate sunset photos: but sometimes I just can not resist - clouds and the sky are so.. Big, and amazing).

I'm just in awe of how amazing the sun was -- casting these "anti-sunrays" over the mountains. Wow. It's like, the sunbeam's shadows.

It looked just like that with the naked eye, too. Except, imagine the size of those mountains: it was like the reverse of those lazer light beams you see rented for night events that go up into the stars like they are cutting through the darkness somehow... but the reverse, dark streams cutting up into the sky through the light: I mean, those dark streams were as large as the mountains...

I can't recall having seen that before, and it was only for a few minutes, on one night. I wonder if some mixture of atmosphere particles, or forest firesmoke or what was contributing? Not sure the photo does it any justice, but I hope so! ... and if anyone knows what causes this please let me know! *grin* : I'm still really curious, and haven't had time to research it.

E F# A
"She's a kick I couldn't miss
Couldn't miss her little twist
F# A
Get it on and get it good
Couldn't guess she ever would
F# A
Took up time and took up space
She exists outside my space
F# A
All I wanted was too much
All I wanted was to touch"

Oh, and I found this cool website tooling for lyrics - it's got all the guitar chords transcribed for each song posted, sweet, eh? I would've loved this when I was learning guitar - what a sweet resource! - links to Tumble Down chords page

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