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must. exercise. more.

loosing weight is impossible without dedicated exercise. I've decided this since I stopped exercises on my work "lunch" I have stopped dropping any weight & have prob. gained back a couple pounds: how really irritating.

I guess I have to start exercising at lunch hour .... my review of my "waking hours" got me to thinking about how 'hey, there's no exercise or cleaning time in there!' - it's cause I clean w/the kids playing around me & I exercise at work, or with the kids ... I can't really exercise full pace with the kids thus.. I have to fit it into a break at work: good thing that they have a gym at work. ;)

And regarding good/bad eating; I think for me it comes down to saving time: If it's in front of me & I don't want to spend time looking, I'll eat that if it's tollerable (pizza, bagel, instead of rice & veggies or something healthier) - so I don't eat "bad food" I just "eat on the run" which detracts from my food quality-choices. I also think if my pantry/kitchen has more & more healthy options, it'll make it easier to eat well - we'll see, eh? I think the weight-loss goal comes down especially to exercise though. That seems to be the key for me.

"Don't jock, don't jock, baby don't jock me
I drop the hotness, baby watch me
You can't, you can't, no you can't stop me


Te gusta mi estilo(estilo)
Dile a tu tia y tu tio(tio)
Ahi viene Jimmy with the lingo(lingo)
I like to keep my style on singo (singo)
Baby you can call me mijo (mijo)
I make you say "Hay Dios mio"
Tu chocha es todo mio (Ay)
I make it hot for you if it's frio"

'my style' - black eyed peas
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