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laziness vs cheapness ; and the prospect of more sun later this week.

It's supposed to warm up on Tuesday (up to the 70's & up to the 80's forcast for Friday): I'm kinda glad, 'cause I am not really ready for summer to be over. I also have to figure out if we're going to fix or replace our heater - anyone know a good company for furnace work/installations? heh. I suspect it would cost a lot more to install a new one, but ours is Really Old, and a new one might give us a lot (?) more room in the laundry room, and might come with a warranty? Although, I think for most appliances I could just repair it & buy a service warranty - decision to make before the cold really settles in for the season.

I didn't go out & do any errands this weekend, either: I didn't want to go out in the "coldish" weather. Amazing how it can deter the motivation - I didn't suffer this as much when I lived in Oregon, because I knew it would be cleared out again soon - and the rain often seems to just last a few hours out there, not all day, or for days like it does here: here in MN it kinda settles in like a nasty cold or something - it just stays and annoys for way too long. And there's always the dread of cold snow, ice, and freezing, when the rain gets cold in the autumn here. *sigh*

In the Oregon valley we had pansies all winter. I'd plant them in the fall - and they would bloom until the summer, when the heat would do them in. I guess that's just the valley & coast though: the mountains get freezing as does the Eastern Oregon desert - I am just spoiled I suppose, by the mild weather I grew up in. I ordered a pizza for dinner, it's been so long since I last did that I can't recall when it was. Probably in the winter. Heh. I just didn't want to cook nor get ingredients at the grocery store, I just wanted to be lazy, so I ordered pizza. I think a lot more people order pizza when it's cold, because I notice the delivery wait time goes -way- up on such days. I decided to go pick it up, since it cut the wait time in one third - So I don't have to cook or shop for groceries, but I do need to drive a few blocks. But it'll be ready in 20 minutes instead of delivered in 60 mintues, and I don't have to pay a delivery charge or tip. My cheapness overcame my laziness.

Here's another photo I took in Oregon on our August vacation:
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