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the costume decision was easy this year : wow!

the kids already found their Halloween costumes tonight, wow. That was quick! I have to say it's really cute listening to Aurora pine for this item (which she has to wait until morning to open; and she's agreed she won't change costume ideas - it's so worth it to get it early just so I don't have to listen to her ask for a new costume each day) She thinks this one is so cool, she'll want to be it next year, too.

Oh, and both can be warm outfits: Yay!!! Minnesota has way too cold of a Halloween most years for the standard costumes. ;p
Clues (edit: i've added picture-clues now, heh, soooo cute, I couldn't resist!):

Aurora: "But mom, it's so hard to wait for a sword!!"

Athena: "Oooh, Aahh... Coo'(l)" (and she beamed as she wore it - it's hot pink-reflective & black furry; at the same time).


"dressed to impress
i’ll be the last one to find out why
time takes its toll on us
this changes everything
i’d be a liar if I denied you at all
oh, now that I know
this changes everything
i’ve been trading ideas with intriguing men, over and over again
i percieve an honest solution
to all your problems (all she wants to find out is why)
time takes its toll on us
this changes everything"
'This Changes Everything'-Juturna album, by Circa Survive

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