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in case you forgot: Primary Elections today!

"I can do most anything..."
-"somewhere a clock is ticking" -by snow patrol

Hey folks: you have an opportunity to vote today in many parts of the USA - so let's here it, and get out there and express what you think of our current government and who you want running in the primary election in November.

--------------For Minnesota Residents: ---------------------------
This is a neat link:
It shows in MN; where to vote AND who's on the ballot for each position; so you can review your options before you go into the polls in case you're not sure of everyone who's on the ballot today.

Election runoffs today include positions, such as:
Attorney General,
Hennepin County Sheriff,
Secretary of State,
US Senators & US Representatives for most districts.

Not voting still does something- it takes your opinion out of the government view & ensconces it away from consideration. But everyone who votes, not matter how logical or illogical their perspective, is counted.

This is an occasion where Quantity over Quality is what "matters"
Please don't discredit your vote, and do what you can to get to the polls.

Thanks!!! Both for voting & for tollerating my emphatic reminder! *grin*
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