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sustaining determination by remembering and using memories of motivated optimism

another 'self-reminder' quote from the dailyOm web site:

"Enthusiasm can be a potent motivational tool when we call upon it as we pursue our ambitions. Since our eagerness to achieve our aims can wax and wane over time, the remembrance of the joy we felt when setting individual goals can be crucial to our ability to maintain a sustained determination. When our image of the future is an optimistic and upbeat one, we are more apt to delve boldly into the goal realization process and to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our aspirations. "

Is it ironic that I'm listening to the blues in the background? ah, well: back to the grind; heh. Grind, get it? LOL. Hehheh, I'm so easy to entertain, honestly. *grin*

- Maxwell's House - it's good till the last drop,
just like it says on the can. I used to have a girl
cookin' a good Maxwell House. She moved away.
Some said to Memphis and some said to Leland,
but I found her. I wanted her to cook me some
good Maxwell's House. You understand,
if I can get me just a spoonful of Maxwell's House,
do me much good as two or three cups this other coffee)

I've got to go to Memphis, bring her back to Leland
I wanna see my baby 'bout a lovin' spoonful, my lovin' spoonful
Well, I'm just got to have my lovin'

(spoken: I found her)

Good mornin', baby, how you do this mornin'?
Well, please, ma'am, just a lovin' spoon,
just a lovin' spoonful
I declare, I got to have my lovin' spoonful

"Coffee Blues" - Mississippi John Hurt

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