Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Boating in Oregon

my dad took me & the girls out boating while my mom & pepper walked around the lake - it was really beautiful out on the water under the mountains - eventually a thunderstorm blew in so we had to go in to shore - here are some photos from that afternoon.

I think this is a beautiful photo of Aurora

And here's a lovely one of Athena, too, sun glowing! The hot pink is her boating life vest. =)

And Aurora, also with this gorgeous summer sunshine glowing all around her. Yay, vit. D. =)

Here are my parents & my kids hanging out on a log: I thought it was kinda cute. It's after the boat ride, we were all just relaxing & talking a bit.

Dad took this photo of me & the girls out on the lake. It was neat because you could see huge trout deep in the water - all the ducks and water birds had flocks of little babies with them (all fuzzy!) and there were many many unusual water birds, because we were up in the mountains on a quiet fly-fishing lake with many reeds and berries and stuff these birds love.

Oh, and my dad totally made that "drift boat" we are in by hand! It was a big project & he had an expert boat maker (who's made many from scratch) helping him who was a friend - it turned out beautifully, you can't really see much of it in this photo, but it is a gorgeous boat!
Tags: family, kids, my photos, oregon, summer

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