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I want to clean, but I shouldn't.

my elbow was feeling a lot better, I thought - except for one point in the night were I woke up because I had started sleeping on my arm (ow) - then I was pretty good when I woke up.. until I opened the mail.

Opening the envelopes tweaked my tendons again Ow. So now it's all sore & I'm icing it again. I want to mop & do dishes, but I don't want to hurt it and get permanent scar tissue in my right elbow joint.

Grr, it's hard for me to "just take it easy" - there's always so much to do. Oh, and laundry: I need someone to carry it downstairs & load it for me, any takers? *smile*

no, actually my cousin's coming down from St.Cloud & should be here any min. w/her 2 kiddos, so we're going to go to Aurora' soccer game, then lunch at the house & then the Children's Museum (at least that is the plan so far; heh) So I better get scooting; have to get some tylenol/ibuprofen (headache/arm pain anti-swelling) and then remember my inhalor (outside, worrying about my asthma getting bad) la la la.

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