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Saturday, politics and Sunshine.

160 questions later .. this must be accurate with this many topics covered!
Actually the questions really did cover a WIDE range of perspectives and issues, from education & environment, to war, personal liberties, economic theories of different types, foreign policy and numerous religious & non-religious government views: an interesting test to take! My only problem was there were soooo many spelling errors. Heh. mostly typos that many would overlook, but they egged me.

Anyhows, so here's how I view the government after this long assessment I think it's prob. got a pretty accurate pin on me. (Especially the flavor text) anyhow - hope you're all having a good weekend, I had a lot of fun outside today, and no asthma, yay! (I'm trying to build up my vit. D stores for winter ;) Heh) <td align="center">Paleo-Liberal You scored 70% Personal Liberty and 40% Economic Liberty! </td>

A paleo-liberal believes in low to moderate government intervention on
personal matters and moderate government intervention on economic
matters. They tend to be opposed to war, police powers and victimless
crimes. They believe in a social safety net, but to a lesser extent
then most leftists. They generally believe in protecting personal
liberty. They support self-ownership and privacy. Some Paleo-liberals
may lean towards embracing capitalism as an economic system.
Paleo-liberals are reminiscent of the attitude of the "new left" of the
60's and 70's. Strong Paleo-Liberals border on Libertarianism.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Personal
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You scored higher than 99% on Economic

"The Smallprint"

take, take all you need
and i'll compensate your greed
with broken hearts
sell i'll sell your memories
for 15 pounds per year
but just the good days

say, it'll make you insane
and it's bending the truth
you're to blame
for all the life that you'll lose and you watch this space
but i'm going all the way
and be your slave to the grave
i'm the priest God never paid

hope, i hope you've seen the light
coz no one really cares
they're just pretending
sell, i'll sell your memories for 15 pounds per year
but you can keep the bad days"

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