Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Kids will be kids - then they'll be teens. Yikes.

Aurora woke up this morning & declared she wished "Monday was another week-end day, too." *smile*

Another memorable moment from this morning was her choice of clothes ... she looked almost like a teen going to school today, with baggy jeans & a baggy blue striped shirt, a hotpink Roxy hat pulled down to her eyes and a messenger-style red bag instead of the more kid-like backpacks - *sigh*

Athena's talking up a storm now, too. She says "I'm coming!" and "help/me help" (which means help me, or I can help, respectively) - she asks for food, to brush her teeth, to "go outside" she gets her coat & shoes - she identifies favorite cartoon characters and gets out her favorite books and talks through aspects & words of the story aloud as she looks at the pages.. she gets a delighted giggle and points at the screen when she sees photos of herself &/or her family on the monitor (my livejournal, my photo albums etc). I'm surprised she picked out her own Halloween costume and is starting to identify clothes she'll wear, foods she likes/dislikes. I get a lot of "no, mommie" ... "no mommie" as I ask her what she wants, - and finally an affirmative; or sometimes she'll just outright name something if she knows what she wants. Her favorite coat is her orange flannel, and her second favorite is her pink & orange flannel. She says "bannana" like 'annana' and apple quite clearly "apple" - she says dozens of food names, loves coloring, loves playing ball & cars still, and loves snuggling (such as for booktime, naptime, or watching a show on the tv -usually a movie since we hardly watch anything & don't get tv reception)

Like last night we watched the simpsons w/ ktig and friends and Athena was so adorable louging on a friends lap that Gypsy took a photo . lOl. Aurora got bored w/my friends & simpsons though, and decided to borrow my ipod where my friends where impressed with the eclectic music she was into "Bob Marley? your 7 year old listens to Marley? And Black Eyed Peas? and Muse? wow" They were also impressed with Aurora's wooden sword which she had decided to wear with a gauzy purple ballerina outfit & a velvet cloak.

What Athena has down in the "relaxation/lounging/chill-out" department, Aurora has down in the "flare for the dramatic" department.

So they're both doing great - and many mornings now I catch myself wondering if I can keep up with this evolution, into teendom & adulthood - I hope I can keep up! *grin*
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