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Family in Bend, Oregon - more of my photos

This is a booth at the Bend, Oregon Saturday market: this gent had made everything out of iron/much of it out of horseshoes: from puzzles to bookends, tools for the fire, for grilling steaks, tables, outdoor suspension for cooking over an open fire, and more.. pretty neat. My mom bought a small iron table from him; here Aurora's figuring out one of his many 'horseshoe & chain' souldered puzzle variations (with big iron rings in dif. sizes to get off the puzzle here, Aurora got these figured out pretty quickly actually, which was cool) Anyhows:

Here's us walking around in downtown Bend; notice how _every_ single tree has at least one, and up to 3 or 4 bikes chained to it? Plus the bike racks were all FULL. Sweet.

There are also sculptures all over the city of Bend, even on the "round abouts" in the middle of intersections - I posed by this one I've admired many times; it's very realistic, especially in real time living when you're half distracted. *grin*

Here's one of Athena just gigglig at me; it was cute & here I tried to sequence the photos together to get a better sense of the moment. *smile*

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