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planting season...

Aurora & I turned over the garden & weeded it 2 weekends ago: got in some tomato plants (2; it's a small garden area, which I still have a hard time keeping weeded, honestly) ; and planted some sprouting potatos. Chives are doing well & the Oregano, Thyme & Lavender is coming back from last year. We also planted some flower seeds in the garden edges, around the birch tree in front & in the front flower box. The front flower box is so dry, Sedums THRIVE there, so do season Marigolds, and a few other items (Begonias, which I didn't get this year.. yet).

Then this weekend we extended the flower area by the front steps (removing rock fill & putting in dirt, finding the run off patterns & trying to stabilize the new dirt) : planted some Mountain Sage in there, some Bleeding Hearts, and a PMJ Azalea. Also put in a PMJ Azalea & a Bleeding Heart & some ferns under the front Fir Tree: people here don't seem to plant much under fir trees, but just treat it like a forest area & you'll find plants that do well in the high-pine needle soil w/much shade,etc. Lots will thrive there if you want to plant something .. you do need to trim up the lower branches, but that can be good for the tree: keeps the bugs off the tree branches & can also reduce fungus infections in your trees; or at least that's how I understand it).

Got some primroses in & some Day Lilies I got from ketiya :Thank you! Plus, the yellow Day Lilies I got from my Grandma Alice are coming in everywhere I put them last fall, as are the Sedum she gave me; as are the few hardy lilies I tried to plant last summer, which I thought had died since I planted them in the wrong season. Grandma Alice gave me some Irises on my last visit up to the cabin (early May) so I have those to get into the ground, too.. although they won't bloom I'm pretty sure, until next year, since they were out of the soil all winter). Think I'll mix those in with the yellow & orange Lilies: I'm much more fond of mixtures of color in the garden then some flat pallet. The trick is getting things hardy enough to survive here year after year, yet that won't overrun each other.

Usually Clematis does really well here, but I planted like, 5 of them in my yard last year & I don't think any of them have come back. I think I'm going to cheap & buying the plants too small. They may need a few more years of loving greenhouse life before getting put in my under nourished & cold winter soil .. the ones I planted at a duplex I was renting 1995-1997 are thriving last time I took a walk by there, though: wow, they had climbed up the porch : but not all the colors: I had planted 4 or 5 colors in one spot, and it looked like the burgundy variety had taken over, and the blue, purple, lavendar & hot pink ones were goners.. well, maybe that's it: try a lot, and some survive. Or, at least here in Zone 3/4 ..

Well, off to sleep. Maybe I'll get the irises and the Gladiolas I pulled up out of the ground last fall into the soil again soon.. the Glads might bloom this year: they have to be pulled out each winter though, and tend to fall over so much, I think I'll put them in one tight cluster this year. My neighbor offered me some mini-primroses when she breaks hers up later this spring/summer.. and she also offered some Irises; which is sweet! I really want to get a good mix of purples, blues, oranges, yellow (just a little) and red flowers in the yard. I'm not into the pinks, although lovely. It's nice to have a leaning to build a landscape around, and I def. lean towards unusual foliage & flowers/vibrant vivid colors & hardscaping in stones, and sticking to plants that do well with the natural seasons & moisture of the given area: plant for your region, ya know: why force something that isn't good with where it is at? It's hard on you, the plant & the ecosystem to support it.

Enjoy the garden, the yard, the local parks.. off to sleep I go, I hope to get some more plants in after work tomorrow~ *grin*

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