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Renn Fest today - First day of Autumn yesterday

Went to Renn Fest today; that was okay - It was gorgeous weather & the kids seemed to have a good time: making rainbow 'sand-wax' candles & magic wands, eating corndogs & chocolate with nuts, and a strawberry icie served on a half orange - that looked cool - it was a sphere half orange, and half hot pink. I think it was real strawberry juice, not flavoring: it actually tasted really good.

We skipped the reptiles & the path through the woods by small houses & a waterfall because not all of the kids wanted to go (4 kids, my 2 & 2 friends) - went to the kids 'realm' and did crafts instead - watched a comedy show that had some fire eating, some bullwhip tricks, and jokes. Watched some belly dancing, but didn't cross any other dancing - passed some musicians - drummers mostly today. Since the littlest kid isn't quite 2 & was walking there wasn't a great reach to our visit: mostly a stroll through the giant doll houses, eating and taking in the scenes - a little browsing at shops, and some craftiness and lots of walking: gotta be good for those kids to do a stretch of walking while distracted by dancers with golden wings and jugglers, and climbing walls that look like a castle, and such scenes.

I then doubted myself on the walk to the car & backtracked, then went to the middle & did the walk up & down that area before deciding I was right in the first place, and walked all the way back to the far parking area & out & out until I got to the car: that took an extra hour of walking, of which I was carrying Athena. Luckily Aurora rode home w/her friends so I was the only one who got it that bit. It wasn't nearly as fun as walking around -inside- Fest. Heh. But, I did seem to get a bit of a tan out of it. I'm testing the theory of "Vitamin D storage for winter" this summer. *grin* I figure I'll be lucky if I live long enough for skin damage to start plaguing me; especially at the short intervals at which I get sun: I am mostly quite pale as proof of this!

Anyhow; so that's today.

Yesterday was the first day of fall & it was quite nice but "threatening rain" in the morning - we got to Aurora's soccer game, and at the very end of the game it started to sprinkle rain. We didn't get wet, but the rest of the day was just dark, gloomy, cold and rainy! It was a bit too dreary even for me. So, I was quite looking forward to the predicted clearing of this rain today - should stay sunny until Wednesday! Yay!

That means maybe we'll get to enjoy a bit of gorgeous fall colors: all the trees are starting to peak here: pink, orange, red, and yellow; it's so gorgeous! I Love Autumn, really. If it wasn't followed by winter I would just adore it. As it is, I am leaning towards changing my favorite season to Spring, because it's mild and followed by summer - or I might just change it to summer, for gardening, camping, lake swimming, hiking and all that gorgeous stuff! But, for now it is still the mild sunny days of Autumn I really enjoy.

Well, I'm going to go curl up with the book I'm reading : Dzur. =) I like getting lost in a good Fantasy genre novel once in awhile.
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