Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Ah - I forgot to mention my kids' Duel!!

I forgot to mention: yesterday at Ren Fest while we were sitting down eating - a knight in shining armour came up & challenged Aurora to a duel _ she was dressed as a black Ninja girl: all in black, with black dragon armor & arm & leg guards - and the girly part being her black mini skirt w/gold sequined trim.. and she had a ninja sword too, of course.

so it was plastic sword to plastic sword, equal armor quality so I said it was okay...I told the kids just to keep to the grassy area and not get in front of or around people. They did so.

I have to say : Aurora dominated the entire sword fight, a few times getting the taller boy to his knees, and letting him recover, just to disarm him, it was pretty awesome: heh. That's my girl.

I think all of the people eating who noticed were entertained, I heard a few comments here & there mostly amounting to "look: how cute" and "go get him" "go get her" - Lily & Julian cheered Aurora with unbound enthusiasm, which was cool. Julian really wanted to duel next, but his dad said 'no' - I expect it maybe an issue of not wanting to bring the sword fighting home with him: heh heh. Anyhow, that was fun; and I was kinda impressed how Aurora handled herself with a toy sword - serious but not bragging at all - swinging away with good aim, but without any apparent malice, so it was cool.
Tags: kids, summer

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