Alli (neugotik) wrote,

what is a cracker?

Aurora tried to convince me tonight that Vanilla Wafers are "not cookies".

It went something like this:

Aur: "They're crackers"
me: "No, they're cookies"
Aur: "They're sweet crackers"
me: "They're cookies"
Aur: "They're just sweet crackers...?"
me: "Oh, they're just... hm, Round, Sweet, Crackers???"
Aur: (starts laughing) "yeah.. they're round, sweet crackers: so can I have one?"
me: "No, they're cookies, you can't have one before dinner"
Aur: "Ok, they're cookies. Can I have one?"
me: "Noooooo."

Then Aurora helped me make chicken coconut curry with rice, while her & Athena munched on carrots & cherry tomatoes: but ...I didn't know we were out of curry & angelo was super sweet & ran to the store & got us curry: yay. Otherwise it would've been a bit off - as I had already added the coconut milk to the stir-fry chicken when I realized there was no curry - I tried to compensate with some er, chili powder, paprika, dash of cinnamon and some lemon peel before Angelo came back with the curry and saved the day - it was just "okay" when Angelo came in with the curry: that made it all good. Or, at least both the kids liked it so, that rates pretty darn high in my books. ;)
Tags: kids
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