Alli (neugotik) wrote,

This morning's first conversation:

M=Me/Mom: "Time to wake up honey... "

A=Aurora: "Nnnnnahnn"

M: "C'mon hon, you have to get up & get breakfast..."

A:"Let me sleep, ...I'm working on growing"

M: "You need to eat breakfast to grow, too"

A: "nNnnn"

M: "C'mon, hon."

A: "nnN, I'm dreaming."

M: "That's good, what are you dreaming about? Something nice?"

A: "I'm dreaming about having cereal for breakfast."

(at which point I laughed & said 'let's get you some real cereal & she kinda half-smiled & then said she was also dreaming about being Kim Possible, that she likes Kim Possible, and she, as Kim Possible, was in Dragonland from Dragontales... as we walked/stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast...)
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