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Videos from Oregon - each is very short, no sound

This was one of the trips where Grandpa Mike took the girls out boating. =)

Here my niece Isabel was having way too much fun beating the dust out of the car rugs before the drive down out of the mountains... , so I decided to film a bit of it, heh. (That's her mom Sue & Aurora watching, and Athena trying to help prep the next rug)...

This is the lake we camped by up in the mountains, called "Lava Lake"; it is shallow enough for great swimming holes with sandy bottoms and sans rocks, and, a gorgeous view of many mountains.

The forest fires smoke is really visible in this evening's sunset

Finally the forest fires are controlled: a clear sunset evening

Aurora was having lots of fun, but stay back, that hose is everywhere!

Athena was having a great time feeding the ducks with my mom...

While Aurora loved feeding the swan, especially...

Athena fed the swan too, but liked how the ducks would come out of the water so she could chase them back around the grass, and back into the water, which the swan did not do, so she lost interest in the swan very quickly *grin*
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