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What we've done today

We've done a lot today, and it's only 3pm: Aurora woke me up at freakin' 7am as if it were a school day; even though last night she said "tomorrow's Saturday, so we can sleep in & don't have to get up early for school" - She rushed in at 7ish "Mom: get up!" and I said "Why? We don't have to go anywhere." And she said "oops! I forgot" and then we were all awake. Heh.

Ok then we had breakfast : the kids played Crystal Chronicals (well, Aurora played, Athena watched) Then Athena got to put on her Elmo video - I did computer stuff while the kids had their media time.

Then we went to the Richfield Farmer's market. I got bread, cheeses, nuts & tomatoes.
More specifically:
  • a bag of nice mixed nuts sans peanuts for my work (healthy snacking)
  • grated parmasan
  • caraway gouda
  • wild rice gouda
  • tomato basil gouda
  • aged smoked sharp cheddar
  • colby-jack (for the kids)
  • fresh breadsmith rolls
  • freash breadsmith chocolate babka (which the kids ate right away!)
  • tomatoes, locally grown

    I would've bought more veggies, but I actually only had $2 cash on me, and most the vendors did not take checks, but the nuts & dried fruits vendor, the cheese vendor & the Breadsmith setup of course did.

    Tiny little farmer's market but it's nice that it's so close to my house (maybe 8-10 blocks away)

    - Then we played on the playground for a few hours:
  • swings
  • bars
  • bridges
  • slides
  • rocks & sand to dig in,
  • kids to meet

  • -Then we came home & put away the cheese, got some lunch, and got ready for soccer
    -I took a 20 minute nap (literally)
    -Then we went to Aurora's soccer game at 2pm

    What perfect weather for a soccer game! Warm, gorgeous, but not hot- light breeze.

    There are puffy clouds, and the trees are turning colors - the sugar maples are started to go scarlet, the birch are turning yellow; but not so much that there isn't green left to make the colors Really Glow. Once it's all colors they don't have that contrasting element.

    - Now we're at home, Ang's friends' dad is finishing the repairs/installation of our new furnace (*$$$igh*)

    - I have tons of cleaning to do:

  • laundry,
  • my room has papers to sort
  • art supplies to put away
  • all the floors,
  • the dishes are mostly done, but there are always a few to do.
  • The rug upstairs needs to be cleaned & moved downstairs (the cats are toooooo furry for that white rug with white brocade: lol. it's insane, I clean it & it's furrified 2 days later you can't see the brocade. I'm not so into that.)
  • some pictures & a thank you note to send to my mom~

  • I'm sure there are at least 20 more things I could clean. At least.

    I also have some sewing projects which I actually _want_ to do! heh. So, that's an idea. Better get the cleaning going though. ;) Before I get sidetracked by fun.

    Oh, it is so beautiful outside. Wow. Dreamy weather.
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