Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Australian Open House at Kindergarten today!

I went to Aurora's class for an Australian open house: they've been doing a focused study on Australia, the different environments there, the animals, the art & history: it's really neat. They are concluding their "trip to Australia" with this open house where they welcomed the parents into the class, to see all the great art, reports, and projects they've done: including a video of the Alphabet, where they each made a story about a letter regarding Australia in computer lab & wrote about it, then read their sentence aloud,and the pieces were all scanned into the computer & set to music w/the kids voices playing over the top of the artwork. It was really sweet. Aurora got the letter "X" & did a neat artistic interpretation of Aboriginal art & said "Aboriginal Australians made x-ray paths.... which are really beautiful" (her reading was the only one that got a out-loud response from the crowd, I'm proud to say, with some appreciative laughter & noise from the crowd: she's on her way to some kind of performance art it seems: she sure loves the crowds.. oh, and this was recorded, which is even trickier to get a response, eh?!).

The class studied Australian slang words, eco-systems (the living coral reefs, the outback, the bush, etc), economy (sheering sheep, etc), the art (dreamtime drawings +) and made a giant tree in the classroom out of paperchains by using brown paper for the trunk (hanging strait down) and green chains to make the leaves; then hung Koala art from the trunk & birds from the leaves! Fish were on one window, sheep on another, and a great class-wide mural painting against the great red rock on another.. the opera house was recreated as indiv. 3d sculptures, and everyone had made Didgeridoos out of papertowel tubes & painted them, it was really neat!

Well: three cheers for Aurora & her art, reports and work at school: Hooray!


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