Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Athena started crawling!

Oh, ok.. it's really 'scooting' but hooray! It's cute.. she sees something across the floor she wants & she wiggles her way towards it... but half the time or more she wiggles & scoots & instead of pushing herself forward, she goes backwards!

It's interesting to watch her reaction, and expressions "I want that! I'm going to wiggle & scoot towards it! Oh, no! It's getting further away. I'll try harder. Oh.. it's even further.. (and then sometimes she gets a little upset at this, but only for a brief moment, until she finds a new closer interesting thing).

And, she turns very very well, she uses her hands and arms to turn any direction towards what interests her: mostly this is sounds, music, people talking. Sometimes a bright toy she sees.
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