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A family dinner: woot ! Love it.

Daddy angelo made dinner tonight so it was ready when I got home: I love that - wow. It was spicy curry tofu & rice & brocoli - the kids ate it up, both had seconds on the tofu & danced around singing after dinner.

Then I let them have "Lego" Eggo waffles which daddy had also gotten for them with maple syrup (high quality maple syrup) _ they both wanted more of that, too, but I said no.

Athena even asked for more in sign language!

So cute. I've seen her ask for more like that when I push her on the swing at the playground - this is the first time I've seen her use it for food. She's very cute about it.

Alright - I said Aurora could watch Shrek 2 if she finishes her homework - so I'm off to check on her so we can see that movie (and finish it) before bedtime. *grin*
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