Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Fireworks Day

Aurora and I & Angelo went over to the local Richfield Fireworks Festival for the 4th of July! It was so impossible to park within 12 blocks of the festival that Angelo decided to drop us off & pick us up to simplify the whole affair, and the crowds were HUGE!

Aurora got a corn dog & I got a foot-long hotdog with all the toppings & we set out a big throw rug to eat our night picnic & watch the people, listen the the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra, and watch the fireworks.

Aurora danced away to the music & enjoyed her corn dog, and then when the fireworks started , she jumped from the loud bangs, and was AsTouDED by the size of the fireworks in the sky! She alternated from cheering, to jumping around, to talking about the colors & types of fireworks, to finally deciding the best view was to lay down on the soft rug so as to watch the maximum amount of the sky as the fireworks went off.

We were so close I could feel a little grit falling in my hair from the fireworks, and later as they started setting off more at a time, the cardboard bits of the fireworks rained down here & there near us (and the other hundreds of people camped out on this hilly section of grass at the park)...

Next year I'm definitely going to choose a location a bit further back: but Aurora really had a great time, and loved the rainbow fireworks, and all of their varieties.

Then, at 10:30pm we walked to the Midway & Aurora played some midway games involving trying to knock frogs into spinning lily paddies, and collecting rubber duckies for a prize. She won a tiny baseball hat & a medium sized panda bear with a sparkly red shirt on it, so she named it "Red".

Then she went in this giant blow up jumping castle, and had a blast jumping around with the other kids, and then although Aurora wanted to play a bunch more games & ride on a bunch of the rides, I called Ang to pick us up, as it was getting much too late.

Aurora had a really great time, and I think it was actually her first Midway/Carnival experience. Maybe we'll go to the state fair this year?

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