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Athena is up on her knees and also doing push ups...

Athena is up on her knees and also doing push ups, and has advanced her crawl. She has been doing the push-ups for a few weeks, but she's advanced this into a crawl technique.

What she does is she lifts up her body on her knees, then her toes: so she looks ready to do a push up , but she's all the way up on her toes. Then she leans forward and kinda belly-flops, leans down to move forward, then lifts herself up & does it again. It reminds me of, well, a baby seal really.

(Aurora has discovered that if Athena is trying to grab her toy or book, if she rolls Athena over onto her back, it slows her down: somewhat like a turtle in that, as she has to roll back over to get her technique up & going again: so I've caught Aurora kinda subtly rolling her sister over a few times to slow her down, it's cute in a kinda.. er, well, it's interesting how while Aurora is generally so encouraging and supportive of Athena, occassionally she too wants her to slow down a bit, and has found a subtle way to do so).

I remember how Aurora learned to crawl: instead of this seal-like push up & roll forward, Aurora came up with a very frog like move, which involved crouching up her rear legs, wiggling and hopping her hands forward by pushing w/her legs. Athena's basically taken the opposite approach: using her arms to push & pull the rest of herself forward.

Co-ordination is an amazing thing.
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