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Do you love me?

"I found her on a night of fire and noise
Wild bells rang in a wild sky
I knew from that moment on
I'll love her till the day that I died
And I kissed away a thousand tears
My lady of the Various Sorrows
Some begged, some borowed, some stolen
Some kept safe for tomorrow
On and endless night, silver star spangled"

Poll #838055 This Saturday night.

I've decided to have the party Saturday! BYOB, have a Grill & HUGE tv - come hang out! *grin* Check All That Apply - la la

yeah, that sounds awesome & low key
maybe after 10
yeah, maybe before 10
um, maybe. at all, I don't know yet.
what? No way.
yeah, like, before or after 10, or wahtever
What are you doing more polls for?
This poll doesn't make sense...
I also want to play poker & will be over
I'm going out with cooler kids then you. ;p :)

"She had a heartful of love and devotion
She had a mindful of tyranny and terror
Well, I try, I do, I really try
But I just err, baby, I do, I error
So come find me, my darling one
I'm down to the grounds, the very dregs
Ah, here she comes, blocking the sun
Blood running down the inside of her legs
The moon in the sky is battered and mangled
bAnd the bells from the chapel go jingle-jangle
Do you love me? Like I love you
All things move toward their end
I knew before I met her that I would lose her
I swear I made every effort to be good to her
I made every effort not to abuse her
Crazy bracelets on her wrists and her ankles
And the bells from the chapel go jingle-jangle
Do you love me? "
Tags: friends, poker, polls, weekends

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