Alli (neugotik) wrote,

I suffer from a sort of laze; not full laziness: I work hard, put in lots of hours, rise early, stay up late: tend to the kids even when tired, etc: it's more like, a laze .. in that I mean, I don't want to exert effort to learn, say: how to program my camera. If it isn't super obvious, like a label on the main buttons, I prob. won't use that feature. I don't follow-up my curiousity to learn about something cool with the effort to investigate it. Then I think, "that's ok, I'm content w/this/what I know". which is the second level of this laze/laziness of a form. Now, disinterest is perfectly fine. but what bothers me is when I am actually initerested in something, and don't follow-through.
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