September 1st, 2005

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New Atlantis?

A topography map of New Orleans:

my heart goes out to all those people: a whole city & region displaced... 20 oil rigs lost, presumed sunk. I can't even imagine the numbers for homes, businesses, lives, .. a number does it no justice: it's unfathomable. Buildings and whole communities are completely gone, except for perhaps a few footings.

It may be 4 months before people can return to areas of New Orleans I heard on the radio today (16 weeks)..

It seems we are entering an era of world-wide Tsunami's, Hurricanes, Avalanches, Tornadoes, Floods, Mudslides, and we are nothing in their wake. It is doubtful it will calm soon, as our planet's temperature is rising: what can we do but try to mend? Mend years of pollution, help countless aching communities... Countries all over the world, riven communities longing to hold together, even more families and individuals asunder: lost to storms & other natural disasters. If not lost to the world of living, then do not discredit they may be lost to confusion, sadness & despair. The world is torn asunder again, and we watch bewildered and longing to undo another scar in our history... a wrenching of souls into turmoil unknown, unimaginable.

We must search for a new era: of living in balance with Nature, .. or it will surely destroy all of us, as we are nothing in its turbulence but leaves scattering down the street.
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Merriam-Webster's Word-of-the-day : Sept. 1st, 2005

The Word of the Day for September 1 is:

rubric • \ROO-brik\ Audio icon • noun
*1 : heading, title; also: class, category
2 : a rule especially for the conduct of a liturgical service

Example sentence:
The new magazine includes a section of odd news items that fall under the rubric "Odds & Ends."

Did you know?
Centuries ago, whenever manuscript writers inserted special instructions or explanations into a book, they put them in red ink to set them off from the black used in the main text. (They used the same practice to highlight saints' names and holy days in calendars, a practice which gave us the term "red-letter day.") Ultimately, such special headings or comments came to be called "rubrics," a term that traces back to "ruber," the Latin word for "red." While the printing sense remains in use today, "rubric" also has an extended sense referring to any class or category under which something is organized.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence

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