July 27th, 2006

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the Muse concert was amazing.

Rachael & I had SoOoooosOoo much fun at the MUSE concert last night! I was surprised how young they looked, really - they have so many albums out & based on their photos I thought they were much older then they seemed in real life to shed at least 8 years off my expectations.

Everyone was up & dancing in our section, even though we were on the balcony at the State Theatre - during "Time is Running Out" the entire audience sang loudly along with the musicans so that was awesome - I love it when that happens. I think the musicians were really diggin' it too. *grin* - the music was even better live - as it should be, but wow: The vocalist has an AmaZinG voice. Just one of those fall in love & melt into my arms 'cause my voice is so hot- Rrarw. And he is the one who plays piano, as well as guitar - so he switching instruments throughout the show - quite a musician. I wonder if he is the lead composer too (I wouldn't be surprised) - well, either way it was an awesome show and I had a really splendid time dancing for a couple hours to music so loud my whole body was vibrating with the beat & rhythm. I love that part of concerts. It's like you're tactiley "one with the music" when it's vibration and sound is something you can feel all over you/throughout you- it's just an amazing tactile, like being one with the music in that moment.

And the set they played was great too - the audience just went wild on many of the songs and I recognized almost every song played. Yay. I had so much fun.
drawing of me

daily ideas list...

  • I've worked out every day this week: yay!

  • I had lots of work to do, but many of my coworkers on my team are pretty worried & rather down/stressed-out, so it's kinda hard to work with so many team-members freaked out about their one-on-one's next week, and I think all of them but me have applied for other jobs within & outside of our company; I guess I can apply for other jobs within the company & only have to tell the boss if I get an interview - I am not sure I'm ready to do that, I'd personally like to know what comes out of our 1 on 1 meeting first (shrug) - Our lead programmer/developer accepted another job & gave notice today for 2 weeks out... I highly expect him to get a counter-offer from our company, but we'll see.

  • Another one of my referrals got an interview! Woot - they 'passed' the phone interview & now have an in-person interview, I hope he gets it. I'm so thrilled that everyone I have thus referred who has gotten an offer has been really excited about the new job (as well as it's pay) - that makes me feel pretty good.

  • So, reading about totem poles tonight & symbols of the pacific Northwest ; came across this list which is pretty interesting, especially if you are interested in either mythology or the spiritual aspects of totem animals, and Native American spiritual ideas.. I'll put it behind a cut-tag:

    Collapse )

    I think this is a pretty good list, and I've seen many of these lists.   Do you relate to any of these animals? 

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    art history to your current mood - meme

    I got this one:

    You Are Best Described By...

    Under the Wave Off Kanagawa
    By Katsushika Hokusai

    and I also love these - what a fun meme (if you like art history, especially):

    You Are Best Described By...

    Fluo Flowers
    By Olivier Kosovsky

    You Are Best Described By...

    Jeune Fille Vert
    By Tamara De Lempicka

    You Are Best Described By...

    San Giorgio Maggiore, Twilight
    By Claude Monet
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